v1.21.0 - 25 Nov 2020

EventNative v1.21.0 is out! The most significant features:

  1. Anti-AdBlock: EventNative supports URL randomization which allows avoiding Adblockers! Events will be sent through a dynamic endpoint. The setting is off by default, it can be switched on with randomize_url option. Read more about JavaScript configuration »

  2. Configurable data enrichment. EventNative has a IP-lookup and User-Agent parser from the beginning. However, before this release IP and User-Agent should be written at hardcoded JSON node path. We made it configurable with Enrichment Rules framework. Read more about Enrichment rules »

  3. Data Replay. EventNative writes all errornous events a separate files. Once the cause of error is fixed, it's possible to send the data for reporocessing. Also, this feature is usefull for sending historical data to a new destination. Read more about fallback API »

See more detailed changelog on GitHub