Build from Source


EventNative is written primarily in Go with the frontend written in JavaScript.

To install the required pre-requisites see the following guides:

Please make sure your version of Go is >=1.14.1 with the following command: go version.

Cloning source code

EventNative code should be placed inside $GOPATH (see the following "Effective Go" chapter). Assuming that you didn't change the default value of GOPATH which is ~/go/ please use following commands:

cd ~/go/
mkdir -p src/
cd src/
git clone .

Building EventNative is simple, just run:

make all

If you don't have make installed run sudo apt-get install make

If build is successful, all artifacts will be placed inside the ./build/dist directory:

$ ls -l ./build/dist
-rwxr-xr-x 1 vklmn staff 30723620 Aug 6 15:58 eventnative
drwxr-xr-x 5 vklmn staff 160 Aug 6 15:58 web

Run EventNative

./eventnative is the main application binary; web contains static files (JS and HTML). Run the application with the following:


To pass in a configuration file (learn more at Configuration section), use -cfg parameter:

./eventnative -cfg /path/to/eventnative.yml

The configuration might be one of the described formats. For example, run with Raw JSON configuration source:

./eventnative -cfg '{"server":{"name":"test_instance"}, "auth":"token1"}'