Deploying with Docker

EventNative has a Docker image to simplify deployment on your IaaS or hardware of choice. Our image name is ksense/eventnative:latestand our Docker Hub is located here. This article requires you to have a Linux server with Docker already installed.

Getting started with Docker

  • Pull the image from Docker Hub with: docker pull ksense/eventnative:latest

  • Create your config file and save it in your directory of choice (referenced below as {CONFIG_DIR}) as eventnative.yaml

  • Create an empty directory for log files (referenced below as {LOG_DIR}). EventNative will use this dir to keep temporary log-files. This parameter is optional, however if it's absent, data-consistency is not guaranteed - EventNative may lose data when docker container is restarted

Make sure the {CONFIG_DIR} and {LOG_DIR} file is readable by the user that runs the Docker process.

  • Run the Docker image and mount your config file with the following command:

docker run -p <local_port>:8001 \
-v /{CONFIG_DIR}/:/home/eventnative/app/res/ \
-v /{LOG_DIR}/:/home/eventnative/logs/events/ \

Once you see Started server: EventNative is running.