Geo Data resolution

EventNative does geo resolution during enrichment. Geo resolution means determining a: user's country, city, zip code (and other location data) from their IP address. Here's a full list of fields we enrich from the IP address:

  • country

  • region (two-letter state code for US)

  • city

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • zip

Please note, latitude and longitude are approximate. They are most likely the coordinates of the center of a city

{..."eventn_ctx": {
"location": {
"ip": "",
"country": "US",
"city": "New York",
"zip": "10128",
"region": "NY",
"latitude": 40.7809
"longitude": -73.9502


Though EventNative is free, we use MaxMind's database for IP resolution. Once you'll get the file from MaxMind, please add it to the configuration YAML as:

geo.maxmind_path: path_to_file #local file
geo.maxmind_path: http://resource.url/path #hosted file

If a file is not provided, EventNative will still work, but geo data will not be resolved.