Scaling EventNative

EventNative is designed to be scalable at heart. If you need redundancy or distributed load between nodes, just add more EventNative nodes to the cluster and use your load balancer of choice to distribute load.

Load Balancine Schema

EventNative has been tested with following load balancers:


At present EventNative supports etcd as a synchronization service. It used in creating/patching tables phase and for heart beating. For using two or more EventNative instances please make additional configuration:

name: #use unique name for each instance (e.g. hostname:
admin_token: your_admin_token #is used in cluster information requests
type: etcd
endpoint: http://your_etcd_host
connection_timeout_seconds: 60 #optional

Every EventNative instance with configured synchronization service sends heartbeat requests every 90 seconds. For getting cluster information see cluster information section