Setting up BigQuery

BigQuery is one of the destinations supported by EventNative. We'll walk you through how to set it up in this guide.

To begin, create a project that will be associated with your BigQuery Data Warehouse.

Configure Google Cloud Storage if it hasn't been configured yet.

  • Upon creating your project proceed to click on BigQuery and making a Dataset that will be used with EventNative.

  • After creating your Dataset in BigQuery, lets proceed to generate access credentials by clicking on the Google Cloud Platform logo in the top left then going into IAM & Admin then clicking Service and Accounts.

  • While creating your Service Account please make sure to take note of your Account Name, Service Account ID, and Service account description.

When getting to Step 2: Grant this service account access to project, make sure to select BigQuery Data Editor under Service Account Permissions

You don't need to fill anything out under Step 3: Grant users access to this service account.

Once you have created your Service Account you can proceed to create an access key for BigQuery.

When prompted please select JSON as the key type.
  • You've successfully configured BigQuery! To connect it with EventNative, learn how to create your configuration file here.